Freedom for Julian Assange! By: Ignacio Ramonet


Despite the fact that the orders in favor of his release are multiplying, Julian Assange remained detained in London for the only crime of having created WikiLeaks and of having uncovered uncomfortable secrets for some “exemplary democracies” that are persecuting him today.

It was about 7 years since, on June 19, 2012, the Australian cyber-activist Julian Assange, champion of the fight for free information, was forced to take refuge in London, in the offices of the Embassy of Ecuador. This small Latin American country had the courage to offer diplomatic asylum when the founder of WikiLeaks was persecuted and harassed by the US government and several of its allies (the United Kingdom, Sweden). The Swedish Justice demands that Assange go to Stockholm to present his testimony on the accusations of sexual aggression made by two women to which he would have lied about the use of a condom.

Julian Assange rejects these accusations and maintains that the relations with these two plaintiffs were consented and he claims to be a victim of a plot organized by Washington. The founder of WikiLeaks refuses to go to Sweden, unless the Justice of that country guarantees him that he will not be extradited to the United States, where he could be arrested, brought before a court and, perhaps, according to his lawyers, sentenced to death penalty. death for “espionage crime”. Sigue leyendo